Your School's Weekly Faceoff - Prep Sport Style

Okay…we love the Prep Sport Weekly Faceoff and not just because of the cool lucha wrestlers squaring up…although we really like them. The Faceoff is the place where players and fans can go and check out the upcoming high school sports event to see how things stack up and chime in. Let’s take a spin through the Faceoff and get fired up for the game!

We love the patch of time before the big game. There’s an excitement in the air and you can feel it that day at school. People are slamming lockers and making plans for before the game…during the game…and after the game. Who’s driving who. Where should we meet. What time should we head over. It’s the hype before the game that we love and Faceoff is all about THAT! Faceoff is the online hub for your upcoming schools athletic events. Players and fans tied to a given high school have access to this face-off as do the opponent’s players and fans. It’s a meeting place of sorts for both sides on one page. The school’s Channel is only for that school’s players and fans but the Faceoff looks more like the actual game where both sides have equal footing. So…what can you do there?

First of all, you can see how your teams stack up. Each team’s players that are in the system will be shown in a head to head fashion. You can scroll down to see the whole team on either side. You can even click through to their Profile page to get more info if you have a Player of Fan account (which is free and fast to set up). It’s kind of cool to see the two QB’s side by side or the two running backs in a weekly faceoff. You can also see how the teams themselves stack up. You’ll see the current league standings, rankings, and other detail. You and the opponent’s fans and players can vote on who you think will win the contest. An advantage will be applied to the team that gets the most votes so vote early and vote often. The Faceoff screen is by sport so you can switch around but since most sports are broken out by season, there’s usually one big one going at a time.

Weekly Faceoff chat and squabbles

Let’s not forget the smacktalk that’s going down at the Faceoff. It reflects our second favorite part of prep sports fantasy after the pre-game hype. We love the crazy fans at the games and their chants and taunts (within reason of course). It’s really cool when they’re funny or creative and that’s what we love about chat accessed through the Weekly Faceoff. The other team’s players and fan will also be on that same page prior to the game so it’s a great venue to get your chant on with some friendly but “oh no you didn’t” banter.

So you’re making plans for the big game this Friday. The who, where, and when is all squared away. You just need to check into Weekly Faceoff to throw in your two cents and make sure the other teams isn’t trying to run things. Get your fan on!

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