A quick look at your Prep Sport Player Profile

Although we’re all anxious to pick our Prep Sport line-ups, the fantasy leagues wouldn’t exist without the Player Profile. It’s time we gave it some credit for making all of this happen. Not to shortchange the Profile though…there’s some pretty cool stuff in there if you’re a fan or player so let’s a closer look at the foundation for our Prep Sport fun…the Player Profile.

A lot of the page is pretty straight forward. On the left, you have some your key player data. You’ll notice that’s it’s by sport for those freaks out there who are playing season to season in different sports. We mean “freak” in the best possible way. So you have your basic info…jersey #, height/weight, name, screen name, etc. Some of this may change over time so make sure as the player, to update information as it changes. For example, height/weight and age are going to change during your prep sport career. Let’s assume your name is staying the same unless you’re in some witness relocation setup. Your year is Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. We don’t have a separate title for 5th or 6th year students but it’s probably time you moved on anyway. It’s not cool having grand kids while in high school.

The real important link there is Stats. This is where you (or your biggest fan) enters and keeps up your sport stats. You are able to enter, edit, and maintain this. Try to do it right away since the fans and leagues that picked you need the stats to “drop down” to their league. You might get some grief if you’ve been too busy playing Call of Duty to add the game stats.

You’ll also see some general team info such as your teammates that are in the system. If they haven’t signed up yet, get them on board so you can talk junk about their game…come on…that’s what teammates are for. You can click on the screen name to check out their profile page as well. Speaking of talking junk, you’ll see the chat box below which is for you, your teammates, and PrepSport fans of yours. You may also get some talking out the neck from next week’s opponent….Game ON!

In the middle of the page, you’ll see the video section. The big screen is your profile video. Everyone’s got video through their phone now so you have no excuse. You can mirror what the pro’s do where you’re tossing a ball back and forth. You can even cheese it up and personally, we hope you do. This video will automatically play when someone comes to your site so make it count. To the left of the Profile video are slots to add additional videos of your highlights, your junk talk, and even the time you were playing dunk ball and got rejected by the rim on the 8 ft elementary school hoop. You know the one. Soon, we all will. Again, be cool according to the Playbook Rules but also have fun. Get creative. If your video is rated up, it may start to rank league-wide if not nation-wide. Keep it sports related and no that doesn’t mean you’re wearing a helmet while streaking through the mall.

On the right side of the Profile page are some quick links to your Prep Sport School Channel. This is the place that fans of your school can go and upload videos, talk junk, check out players and stats associated with that school. You’ll see the Weekly Faceoff pic which takes you to next week (or next game’s) matchup. Vote on who you think will win and see how you stack up. Of course, at the top of the page is your link to Prep Sport Fantasy League action.

That’s the Player Profile page in a nutshell. You’ll need to create a Player account if you’re new to the system but it’s pretty easy (2 minutes tops) and you can get started today at our Registration/Login Center. So…what are you waiting for, Playa. Sorry about that…our bad.

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