Fantasy League for High School Sports is Finally Here!

Fantasy League for High School Sports is Here.    Football is first up and players are setting up accounts right now.  It’s free and takes seconds unless you’re slow from taking too many hits.  CREATE ACCOUNT here and quickly get your high school football fantasy league account.  Load in stats and then create your fantasy league.  You can invite up to 7 friends (players or fans) to compete against.  Question is…who will you pick?  Better question…who will pick you.  Prep football fantasy league….Lace up.  Stat up.  Fantasy Action ON!  Don’t miss the best high school football players.  CREATE ACCOUNT

When you take a look at what’s available online for true prep sport fanatics, it’s actually pretty sad. Yes, there are sites with some decent info on when and where the next game is but you get the feeling the design came from your coach’s Uncle Milt in Buford, Texas (nothing against any crazy uncles out there…we all got em).

High School Football is freaking fun.
High School Basketball is just plain nuts.
High School Baseball or Softball might as well be apple pie in America.

Why can’t our online sites for prep sports FEEL like that?? Are we really stuck with going from Call of Duty to blah blah blah for something that causes crowds to scream, parents to pop veins in their necks, and entire neighborhoods to write funny junk on their car in temporary paint. Seriously…they’re writing stuff on their car about next week’s opponent. The same people who are going into their insurance job every morning. is the new look of high school and prep sports online. It matches the intensity, fun, and just plain “Oh No You Didn’t” attitude.

If the other sites we’re a song, it would be “Sometimes When We Touch”. Our site is what’s happens when an 808 kick drum is handed to feral cats hopped up on RedBull.

We can’t tell you everything we have planned but it’s pretty impressive (yes, that’s us giving self-props in the mirror). You can add your email to our Prep Sports Bullhorn and we’ll notify you when we’re all ready for you. We’re not going to give your email to Katy Perry chat rooms in Japan so don’t worry. This is just to let you when we’re up. The last thing you need is to find out from the Frosh/Soph team about the latest site. That’s just plain sad.

Here are some teasers though.

Your prep sports players are going to be able to create profiles but not the usual fall a sleep in your cereal profiles. You’ll get to upload videos, general info, and stats (remember that one) plus choose from props and badges based on how good you are. If you’re picking the “Smelling Salts” badge for football, we’re hoping you’re not the receiving end.

Fans can visit the School Channel where they have access to player info, videos, and much more. Of course, you can vote on the next opponent’s game and junk talk is all but encouraged.

This is great and all but we’re not saying anything that blows the high school sport world apart yet. Yet.

High School Fantasy League Teaser Screen

We’re not ready to give away that big secret yet but it’s SO SWEET! The name of the website should be a hint but we’re not going plain vanilla on this one. You’re going to find new twists that are scientifically guaranteed to turn your favorite kicks into old school originals (we can’t prove this and we’re not liable for those $35, irregular made-in-North Korea Aire Jorgin’s you have in the closet). You’ll be able to see the full deal soon. Just add your email to our Prep Sports Bullhorn and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to roll.


One last thing and this is real important…we promise not to use the word “Playa”.